2010 Mazarron Final Notice

Mazarron Bowls Trip Sunday 21st March- 1100 start
Ideally you need to aim arriving at 1030 and give yourself minimum of one and half hours traveling time

In anticipation thanks everyone for your co-operation and trust we will have a great day. The teams have been put in no particular playing order and in most cases those travelling together. Total cost per player is 16 euro ( 12euro for meal and 4 euro for green fees) Non players: 12 euro for meal. As requested before,could drivers kindly take responsibilty of collecting all monies in their car and when collected pass to me (Vic) If there are some players who would prefer a half a game to give the reserves a part of the action, please arrange with players and ensure the rest of the team are happy with the arrangement. Please don’t feel you have to do this, the reserves fully understand. Also while writing I am sure you will ensure that fuel costs are shared in your car you are travelling

Travelling Direction – The toll road is a little expensive and not as easy to find destination. Best way is by far is up the A7 past Lorca/Totana to Alhama de Murcia, then take the new RM2 motorway to junction 21 (Hacienda) go over bridge, Hacienda Golf Resort and follow Mazarron Bowls signs. Any problems ring bowls hotline for the club 637461038

Team 1    OK    Team 2    OK    Team 3        Team 4   OK
B.Saunders        S.Herrity        A.Tuplin        P.Tonkin
D.Saunders        R.Herrity        J.Parsons        P.Beattie
P.Byatt               P.Deacon        V.Parsons     R.Tonkin
J.Byatt               A.Deacon        J.Pike           C.Wright

Team 5    OK    Team 6   OK    Team 7        Team 8    OK
A.Beattie           T.Gamble        J.Franklin     C.Fitzgerald
J.Compton        W.Abrahams     S.Allen        K.Bush
N.Atkins           C.Ewer             B.Franklin      G.Patrick
M.Atkins          E.Abrahams        D.Allen        J.Fitzgerald
At the time of writing  /John and Eileen Pheonix will play half a game with John Compton and Wyn Abrahams.   Ray and Val Wolverson please take whites etc. as it is possible you will have full/half game.  Non player: Ron Gamble

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