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Parsons Trophy   Knockout Mens Pairs 3

Parsons Trophy Knockout Mens Pairs

Mon 10-30 (26/1)        Mon 14-00 (26/1)   Fri 10-30 (30/1)     Sat 14-00 (31/1) 1st round                     2nd round                 Semi Final                 Final                  Winners E Donley A Terry E.Donley A. Terry I. Brierley C. Ewer...

Trophy Presentation & Dinner Dance Gala 2007 362

Trophy Presentation & Dinner Dance Gala 2007

On the 10th of March, 2007, the Almeria Lawn Bowling Club held it’s annual Gala Dinner Dance and trophy presentation at Miraflores Restaurant. Shirley Jackson, Club Secretary, handed out the prizes, aided and abeted...

Trophy Presentation & Dinner Dance Gala 2006 337

Trophy Presentation & Dinner Dance Gala 2006

The ALBC 2006 presentation of Trophies and Dinner Dance Gala, held on the 4th of March 2006 at Miraflores Restaurant, was very well attended!

November Report 2006 0

November Report 2006

The 20th of October was the start of a 4 day competition at the dreaded Indalo carpet and Brian Lovett had previously entered a team of four Almeria bowlers Dave Brannon, John Manson, Himself...

November Report 2008 174

November Report 2008

Only 6 weeks to Christmas now folks, doesn’t time fly when we’re having fun and being busy bowling helps to fulfill the need. Well since my October 1st report we, at Almeria have certainly...

January Report 2007 0

January Report 2007

Greetings fellow Bowlers! Here we are already well into 2007 and everything ticking along like clockwork (well nearly). Firstly I’ll complete the competition report from last year which was The Joe Mc Graw singles,...

December Report 2006 0

December Report 2006

The Chris Robb Drawn Pairs is the first club competition since we were victorious in the Division of Honour, We are still on a high. Eighty entries ready to do battle, beginning on Thurs...