2014 December Monthly Report

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13 Responses

  1. She and Dave Allen says:

    Makes good reading vic

  2. Ray Bolton says:

    Very good Vic!

  3. Allan Deacon says:

    Well done Vic, good roundup of matches.

  4. Leighton and Julie says:

    Well done mate, Keep up the good work

  5. Ron Lloyd. says:

    Messages received and understood thank you Vic.

  6. Sandra Brown says:

    Thanks for your good work Vic.

  7. Eileen & John Phoenix says:

    Great Report as usual Thanks Vic.

    Eileen & John

  8. Carole Roberts says:

    Thank you Vic for the report.

    Carole & Wayne.

  9. Chris Brown says:

    Received and understood well done Vic

  10. Reg & jenny says:

    Excellent thank you Vic

    Regards Reg

  11. Reg & jenny says:

    Excellent thank you Vic

    Regards Reg

    2nd try to send, got an internal error report

  12. Reg & jenny says:

    Both have got through now

  13. Reg & jenny says:

    Vic the time on your computer seems to be 4 hours fast judging by the times listed in the messages now 08.51

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