2015 September/October Monthly Report

             2015   Summer/September/October Report


Welcome back the Snowbirds and trust you all had a great summer wherever you were. The Sunseekers had a satisfying season with summer competitions taking place. First of all a big thank you to John Fitzgerald for organising and successfully running these events. This year the Reliant Trophy and Eleanor McCraw returned to their Monday and Wednesday dates. Many thanks to Jim Pike, Ron Lloyd and Bryan Hughes who worked tirelessly throughout supporting John.  

The Reliant Trophy was won by John Fitzgerald, Eileen Phoenix and Rona Hendry defeating a strong team of, Chris Ewer, Maureen Ohara and Glenis Atkinson. The Eleanor McCraw was won by John Fitzgerald and Maureen Ohara beating Eileen Phoenix and Rona Hendry  

September was the start of the Andalucian Championsips in Malaga from 25th until 2nd October. We took thirteen players to compete. Unfortunately we didn’t come away with any trophies. However we didn’t let the side down with pride and effort. The closest we came to was Reg Birmingham losing by three shots, Chris Parkinson by three shots who as a new player played a very credible game also Ken Richardson who  lost by one shot  to go into Finals day


The annual competition between the Snowbirds and Sunseekers, (Welcome Home Trophy) was as usual a very entertaining game. After the Sun seekers gave the Snowbirds two of their star players the Snowbirds scraped home by 3 points. The information on the loan of two players was giving to me by our illustrious Captain as a wind up, but I think the Snowbirds would have won anyway!!!!!!!!

Our two visiting Bowling Clubs Birstall and the very good Irish bowling Club, Black Rock had a great time but were unable to beat Almeria although we gave them a couple of our members. But as usual the result doesn’t mean anything and everyone had a great time.


The Non Winners Cup was played from 9th until 11th October. Twenty-eight players took part. The winner was Bryan Thompson and runner up John Burgess. It was good to see such good quality players taking part this year  and therefore made the competition throughout and exciting event


The ALBC Open 321 Challenge Cup was played on 23rd and 25th with the Final on 28th October in sometimes unplayable weather with wind and rain, however the players kept going until the completion of the sessions.  The winners were from our club, John Fitzgerald, Chris Ewer and Reg Birmingham. Their opponents from Indalo, Richard and Lois Swaine with Ruth Compton gave them a very credible game.


The Avalon Triples which should have started on 20th October has been postponed for the first two matches because of waterlogged green. We would hope to play these games when opportunity allows. As we have fifty members entered it would be nice to complete this fairly new club competition.


Wednesday League commenced on 7th October. At the time of writing, Rovers are well ahead with the Gunners fifth and Ramblers sixth with a game in hand.


Finally I must remind you all again that the above with full results, schedules and news will be found on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com  If you would like to get the full story please make use of it.

Vic   – Press Officer/Deputy Chairman   


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  1. shelagh and Dave says:

    Very good report as normal and the winter season has started well.

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